The Parasol Project

Project Overview

During Art Basel & Art Week Miami, very large parasols symbolic of flowers will be ‘planted’ on the outside of a 10-story building that is under construction or dilapidated. Unfinished & crumbling structures are unpleasant and irritants to our senses. The building under construction will be beautified during a city event that places Miami Beach on a worldwide stage.

The beautified building will be located at one of the main entry points to the island and will be the “Welcome Beacon” for visitors during the world-wide event. Simulating flowers in a vase, each hand-painted parasol will be assembled during Art Basel & Art Week Miami to create an iconic photograph of South Beach.

There will be over 155 large parasols that are round and rectangular shaped. These shapes will become dots & dashes and create a pattern in Morse Code that translate to ‘Welcome’ and ‘We Love You’.

Nothing like this has ever been created and is sure to bring media exposure.

View of Crescent Heights and Miami Beach, Florida

Project Purpose

The Parasol Project is an art exhibit that will be the “Welcome Beacon” for Visitors during Art Basel & Art Week Miami.

The purpose of the art is to create a huge public art piece that is environmentally conscious and raises awareness for our beautiful city of Miami Beach and South Florida.

The purpose of the project is to show the viewer the beauty of our natural surroundings through the beautification of an unfinished or dilapidated building.

The purpose of the assembly is to capture an iconic image of South Beach using the Parasol Project as the subject.

We will ‘beautify’ the South Shore Hospital building at The Crescent Heights construction location, at Alton Road and Fifth Avenue. This is a location that is one of the most traveled areas during the art season of Art Week 2018. (*Estimate of 34,000 vehicles per day pass this intersection during the holiday season – FDOT 2014)