Project Details

Lighting for Night Time Viewing

The Parasols will have lights placed behind the spokes.

This will create a vignette illusion on the canvas of the parasols for the viewer.

Creating a beautiful well-lit exhibit for night time viewing is an important aspect to public art.

The art piece should change appearance from day to night.

Rotating Rectangle Parasol

Movement is an important element for public art.

To add movement to the art, one or two rectangles will rotate slowly.

Movement to a large public art piece creates additional curiosity for the viewer while attracting their ‘eye’ of vision.

Movement will encourage video capture of the art piece which is highly used for social media.

Installation & Details

We are professional artisans with experience in safety and efficiency with public installations.

The art is temporary and will be installed and removed with no damage.

Parasols are designed to withstand high winds and to safely separate the canvas from the frame with no damage. The frame would stay attached to the building.

Note: The exhibit will be monitored for weather and can easily be closed while in place.

Attaching Parasols to Building

The final design is contingent upon the City of Miami Beach Wind Code Requirements at the time of applying for Special Event Application.

Required engineering drawings demonstrating wind resistance.

Meeting this requirement would require information from Crescent Heights.

Attaching Parasols to Building Using Steel Cable or Angle Steel Bar

Steel Cable or steel angle bar will be used to secure parasols to the building.

Each end would be attached around the end columns of each floor.

A steel cable clamp or heavy duty zip ties will be attached and used to hold each parasol in place.

Concept Diagram of Parasol Installation

About the Parasols

The parasols will be a one piece construction.

The canopy material will be canvas.

The pole will be one piece assembly.

The frames are sturdy and will be secured to the cement building.

In windy conditions, the umbrella material will blow off from the frame, i.e. separate from the frame in high winds.

Every precaution will be taken with expected high winds and we will prepare by collapsing the frames in advance.

The frames and umbrella material will not be damaged while secured to the building structure.

Media Coverage and Advertising Exposure

The Parasol Project has all the ingredients to be assured world-wide media coverage. The demographics and positive media exposure for all public projects is always favorable and welcome by the community.

“The social media exposure will be immeasurable.”KPW Media 2015

You are about to be part of a media frenzy! This is the ‘Welcoming Beacon’ and the largest installation that is sure to receive positive media coverage that will last long after the event.

“The greatest benefit from Public Art projects is the positive widespread advertising that lasts long after the exhibit is over.”

Lambeth & Nagel 2012 (Gator in the Bay)

The Artist’s projects have received media coverage by ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN, Fox News, Yahoo News, Discovery Channel, Huffington Post, The Examiner, Sun Sentinel, Miami New Times and Miami Herald, in addition to front page press coverage in over 37 foreign countries.

The Artist’s response for his public art has attracted a worldwide audience while creating a media buzz using the universal stage of Art Basel Miami.

News Media

The news core has already been notified of The Parasol Project. Beginning with the Gator in the

Bay: the World’s Largest Art-Official (Artificial) Alligator, the news segment producers follow the Artist’s work. Discovery Channel & Daily Planet has already been notified and will be following the story of The Parasol Project.

“There is no doubt this will be covered by every news agency and media organization.”Jay Kemp, Discovery Channel Producer

Social Media

One of the greatest benefits of public art projects is the reach of social media and the ability for others to share their excitement. Public art creates the perfect photo ops for viewers and visitors to share on their social media platforms.

Adding movement to the large art piece by a rotating rectangular parasol or night lighting for beautiful illusion that allows the piece to transform from day into night will create unique and different social media posts. Movement to the art piece will give reason to video the art when viewing.

“The Parasol Project will be the most photographed art piece during Art Week Miami. –  

 – KPW Media 2015

Website, FaceBook, Twitter & Instagram

The Parasol Project website will be completed prior to the installation.

FaceBook, Twitter, & Instagram will be set-up and running prior to installation.

Costs & Sponsorships

Public art is about advertising while raising awareness with a positive message. Sponsors benefit greatly from participating in this kind of public art.

Public art exhibits create a unique opportunity for Sponsors to greatly benefit in ways that typical advertising methods may fall short. There are many ways in which to sponsor an art project.

Sponsors generally use public art exhibits as a platform to reach an audience that they normally do not advertise or communicate their company message.

During Art Basel 2012, Lambeth & Nagel estimated over $8 million in media advertising was generated as a result of Gator in the Bay. During Art Basel 2013, Lambeth & Nagel estimated over $22 million in media advertising was generated as a result of Gator in the Bay since it travelled around the world through news & social media.

Project Sponsorships

The goal is to create the art piece.

Sponsorships are about raising funds to create the exhibit as best as it can be created.

Pricing for Sponsorships will be to create the art piece only.

The Artist prefers to have Sponsor take the spotlight for the event.

This would carry into all interviews, media articles, press releases and all social media platforms.

Project Costs

The Artist will need over 155 parasols to cover the north and south sides of the building.

Parasols can have Sponsor Logo printed on each Parasol.

Lighting allows the art piece to transform from day into night. This will create additional viewing and photography opportunity that will be used to promote and advertise the project organically.

Movement allows the art piece to attract the viewer’s ‘eye’ toward the exhibit.

Movement will create video opportunity for posting to social media platforms that further extends our viewing reach.

Total Cost is contingent on:

  1. Lighting
  2. Motorized Movement
  3. Parasol Shape
  4. Parasol Quality
  5. Color Quality
  6. Selection of material
  7. Logo Print on each parasol
  8. Labor
  9. Weather